ContentCode Web Service 1.0

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The use of the ContentCode is linked to the MySMartphone App. The functionality is explained here.

Remark: This is a RouteYou+ service. Please contact sales[at-r.] if you want to make use of this service and you don't have yet an agreement with RouteYou.


The web service is accessible using:

Overview of provided functions


Get content linked to a code


  1. code (String): get the content with the given code (case insensitive)


Example output

array (
    'content' =>
        array (
            'route' =>                     //below the conditions routes have to meet
                array (
                    'user' =>              //owner of route has to be in array
                        array (<userId1>),
                    'group' =>             //route has to be linked to a group in array
                        array(<groupId1>, <groupId2>),
                    'theme' =>             //route has to be linked to a theme in the array
                        array (<themeId1>),
                    'characteristic' =>    //route has to be linked to a characteristic in the array
                        array (<characterId1>, <characterId2>),
                    'includePrivate' => true  //Private routes are also shown.



Get the conten codes that meet the conditions. When you want all the content codes, don't pass any parameters.


  1. conditions(s) (Struct|null):
  2. sorting (String|Array): determines the order of the content codes. When there are multiple sorting criteria, an array is necessary.
    Possible sortings:
    • code[ASC|DESC]
    • createdDate[ASC|DESC]
    • score [ASC|DESC]
    • [ASC|DESC]
    • viewCount [ASC|DESC]
    • viewCountThisMonth [ASC|DESC]
  3. limit (Integer): maximum number of content codes returned
  4. offset (Integer): number of content code to skip



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