Bryton GPS

Getting routes from RouteYou on your Bryton GPS device

ROutes of RouteYou are available via the Download-button in GPX-format. Bryton devices allow to upload a GPX track.

Upload Routes recorded with a Bryton device to RouteYou

Bryton GPS-devices allow your to record your track. These can be exported to a GPX format. 

RouteYou allows to upload GPX. Read here more about it

Problems with the GPX of Bryton

We noticed that (at least some) GPX files from Bryton contain as well a Route as aTrack (read here about the difference). We select the first in the GPX file. This can cause a problem in the case that the Route is not a good representation of the Track. 

We advise you to only send the track (not the route) in the GPX. We don't know if this is a setting in the device or not. We didn't get feed-back from Bryton yet about this.  

Support naar Bryton

Here you can find info/support on the website of Bryton + a contact line about their devices.

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