JSON-RPC web service

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Construct request

For information on how to construct a JSON-RPC request, see the Wikipedia article about JSON-RPC.


Send requests to the following URL:


The parts between % should be replaced with the following:

PHP: RouteYou_Json_Client library class

In a PHP application, the easiest way to invoke our web services is by using our library. For this you need the following:


The following code fetches all the routes (private ones included) you have marked as favourite.

// Simply provide the class with your key, the token will be generated automatically.

// Log in.
$authenticationService = new RouteYou_Json_Client('Authentication', '1.1');
$user = $authenticationService->loginWithEmail('<email>', '<password>');

// Fetch favourite routes.
// When parameter permission.readable is omitted, only public routes are returned.
$routeService = new RouteYou_Json_Client('Route', '2.0');
$favourites = $routeService->search(array(
        'favourite.user.id' => $user['id'],
        'permission.readable' => true

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