Your App to RouteYou link

What is the "Your App to RouteYou link"?

With Your App to RouteYou link you give your app or GPS users a very easy access to routes they like on RouteYou. And we don't charge you a thing! 

The principle



How it works

Users mark their Favorite Routes on RouteYou (1). This could be a route he created himself on RouteYou, or one he picked out of the millons of routes available on RouteYou. A large part of these routes are verified and labeled with our quality label "Recommended" (read more about that here). On your app, the user logs in (2) and download his/her Favorite Routes from RouteYou(3).

And if you have a function to record a route, you can even do the inverse: upload a route from your app to RouteYou (4) and provide your user with extra RouteYou functionality. 

What do you have to do

  1. Provide a RouteYou-button on your app, and allow your users to login with their RouteYou login/pswrd. But that's easy. You just have to make use of our user web services (read more about them here).
  2. Connect with that login and pswrd to RouteYou and upload a list the favorite routes of that user. 
  3. The next step is to download the route content of all or some of these favorite routes on your device (we have plenty of format download options). You can use the Route Web service to do this (read more about it here).

What’s in it for both of us?

The principle is that this cost you, nor us any out of pocket money! Yes it is free! And here is why.

What's in it for the you: the app-builder or GPS builder

  1. The end-user of the app gets a great choice of routes/content from RouteYou (he/she can even make his/her own routes on RouteYou and download it on your device - an environment which is very expensive and timeconsuming to build if you want to offer that with your app)
  2. It is very easy for the user to get routes of RouteYou to his/her app or GPS-device
  3. This model is not exclusive with RouteYou and works also for any other provider of routes
  4. The user decides what content provider he/she likes. Nor is there any exclusivity to devices/apps from our side. Let the customer decide.
  5. The app-builder (you) has to build in very limited set of functions/software (just login, favorite selecetion and download). An extra option is the upload to RouteYou. But that is optional.
  6. Your product gets into the picture on RouteYou and is shown to the > 1 200 000 visitors/month when they select the download button (read more about the growing number of visits on our website(s)). RouteYou makes on his site very clear how to get routes from RouteYou to your specific device (on every route/download!). And this is great promotion for your device/app. Many users are looking for a simple way to get their RouteYou-routes to a device. So if they are interested in purchasing a device/GPS/app, this will work in a positive way to promote your app/device.
  7. We also can take up your product in our portfolio and can act as a reseller to our B2B customers.

What's in it for RouteYou

  1. Your app shows clearly the option to download routes/content from RouteYou
    1. We assume that this will trigger the following:
      1. some users will have a look at RouteYou
      2. some users will register on RouteYou
      3. some users will start using RouteYou frequently 
  2. Frequent use of RouteYou triggers
    1. extra advertisement income on RouteYou
  3. Bigger use-base triggers
    1. extra interest of content (tourist/leisure/sport) organisations to be active and partner with RouteYou
  4. The users of RouteYou get an extra option to easily make use of routes of RouteYou on a specific device/app

It works both ways and makes us both stronger. 

What are the conditions for this free use fo the web services and the routes?

We normally charge for the use of these web services and accessing routes. But because you send the users via RouteYou, we offer the use of these web services for free if the above method is followed.

Summarized, the conditions for this free use are as follows: 

An extra, but not required option is that you can also upload recorded routes from your device/app to RouteYou (free of charge).

If you are interested in such a partnership, please contact sales[at-r.]

Next steps

Interested about this kind of collaboration & partnership? Or you want to discuss this further? Don't hesitate to contact us via info[at-r.] or sales[at-r.].




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