MapSearch functionality

This page gives an overview of what you can do with the MapSearch plugin or widget. For technical information how to use the MapSearch plugin, check this page

Basic concept

The RouteYou RouteFinder is an example (and built on top of) the MapSearch. Try it out here, or read the documentation to get a good understanding of what it does. Also the Location or POI Search is an example of the MapSearch in the RouteYou.

But this MapSearch is a tool you can also use in your own website, using the MapSearch plugin.

The basic concept of the MapSearch is to show you a selection of routes and/or POIs on a map.

The MapSearch contains three main building blocks:

  1. The map: on this map, the selection of routes are displayed in a clustered or non-clustered way (read more about clustering here)
  2. The list: the list shows you the selection of routes and or POIs in list form
  3. The selector: this is an optional block where the user can enter or indicate the criteria. This can be dropped if the goal is just to show a simple overview of a selection of routes or POIs.

Take it a step further

The next step

The next step (or goal) is that the user selects one of the routes or places of interest and gets to the Route or Location page (as implemented on RouteYou). But also this behaviour is easy to implement on your site, because you can configure the target page in the MapSearch when a route or POI is selected (and that could be a page on your website). And on that page, you can implement another plugin of RouteYou: the RouteViewer plugin or the PoiViewer plugin. You can find the technical information here.

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