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Have your own advertisements in your MyRouteYou-channel

By booking a MyRouteYou Campaign you can control and take over all advertising space in your MyRouteYou-channel. As such you can make your channel free of advertisement or you can show your own ad campaigns to promote your related products, services, offers, outdoor arrangements, ... associated to the routes or poi's that you published.

With a MyRouteYou Pro subscription you show all your content under your own logo and top banner in the header section of your channel (as indicated in the screenshot below with (zone 1) = de MyRouteYou Topbanner and (zone 2) your RouteYou logo). 

To also control what is shown in the advertsiment zones 5, 6 and 7 on the picture here below, you can book a MyRouteYou Pro Campagne togehter with your MyRouteYou Pro subscription.

Do you have also a MyRouteYou Mobile subscription, then you can also take over that advertisement space by booking a (MyRouteYou Mobile Campagne) as an extra option.

Successful examples

Have a look at some successful cases about channel owners and how they used the available advertisement space in their MyRouteYou Channels. 

MyRouteYou Mobile Campaign

You can also take over the ad space on your MyRouteYou Mobile).

There book a Mobile Campaign and deliver us the following two banner formats: 

Campaign set-up

You deliver the banners you want to be shown in the right format and with the url's they should link to and we set-up a campaign for you in our advertisement system according to your wishes. Multiple banners can be shown alternately if needed.  

Campaign Reporting

We'll send you a monthly report with an overview of placements and click through rates.


(Prices excl. VAT)

  Yearly fee Maintenance contract  

Per extra campaign set-up

MyRouteYou Pro Campaign € 1,000 € 500 per year   € 250
MyRouteYou Mobile Campaign € 500 € 100 per year   € 50

The firts campaign set-up is free at the start of the campaign but later changes will be charged a the rate above. 

A maintenance contract offers you the flexibility to change your campaign settings and banners as often as you want during the duration of the campaign without extra costs.

Notes to the pricing model

We have chosen for a pricing model that is independant of the number of placements. The main reasons are:


For an overview of all functionality per type of MyRouteYou account, have look at RouteYou Functionality per Accounttype.

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