Google API key

By default, the MapSearch 2.0 and RouteViewer 3.0 plugins load the Google Maps API without a Google API key, but this API key is required (see here). Therefore, you should provide the plugins with your Google API key by setting the map.api.key parameter (find out how on the plugins' respective documentation pages, see the previous links).

If you don't have a Google API key yet, go to this page and follow step 1. Step 2 is not necessary, instead insert the API key into the plugin's configuration object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there extra costs?

Google provides the use of their maps for free, if they are below a specific threshold ($200 free tier / conditions end 2018). To check if you will exceed the $200 limit, click here to use this simulator of Google.

To be able to charge you in case you go above the limit, Google will ask you to set up a credit card before prodiving you with a API key. For more information and the most current status, read the conditions of Google.


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