RouteViewer linking with RouteDownload

Important remarkt

This is a RouteYou+ service. You can only use this is you pay for the RouteYou+ services.

Normal flow

The default flow if you plug in a RouteViewer via the RouteViewer Widget, and you click on Download or Print is that you get redirected to the RouteYou website for the download of files and prints.

Download via your website

You can also allow the download via your own website (see important remark above!) using the download widget (read here more about the download widget. This means that your user doesn't jump the website of RouteYou.

How to realize this

This is one example of how to do the trick:

Plug in the RouteViewer in page 1 of your website.

Add the following parameter to your script of the RouteViewer:

routeyou_viewer_url_download = 'http://www.yourwebsite.aspx?downloadpage';

Obviously, you should change the info : 'http://www.yourwebsite.aspx?downloadpage';

This is not the same page as page 1 (for the obvious reason that you want to show now the download info and not the RouteViewer).

On page 2 of your website, you plug in the RouteDownload Widget with an extra piece of Javascript information to pass the id of the download info to be displayed. The id of the route is supplied via the redirect variable on page 1.

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