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What does CACHE do?

Because a lot of people are looking at the same page of the RouteYou website showing the same information, it is in many cases more efficient not to ask all the information again (from the databases) that is displayed on the screen. An alternative is to remember what has already been asked and store that result (information), rather than asking it again.

That's the basic principle of the CACHE.

What's the effect of cache?

The good news using cache

Using cache has the effect that your browser shows much faster the information that has already been asked by others.

The bad news using cache

If you use cache and the information at the background changes, you still see the old information. The solution is that cache is reset (or cleared) after a specific time period (or after a change is made).

Examples where CACHE is used and the effect

The group page

Cache is used on the group page. Here an example of the group of routes linked to the topic Geology.

The effect is that it takes 48 hours (before the cache is cleared) and to get an update of the new info.

This effect is very clear when you just make a new group. This is how it works

The location page

Watch this video to understand the effect of CACHE:


Cache is used on the location page. Here an example of a location.

You can add your own information to that location (read here how to do this). The effect is that it takes 48 hours to get an update of the new info, because the old info is cached. You can see the new info when you click on the button "Add your own info".

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