Clearing your browser's cache


A browser cache is a kind of memory that temporarily stores data from the websites you visited. That way, your browser doesn't have to download all the files it needs to display web pages again and again.

The good news

It makes browsing much faster and reduces web data traffic.

The bad news

If something changes on a website and your browser's cache contains outdated files, some pages may act or look strange. Because your browser can't know that it should get the new versions of those files, it uses those outdated files, which can lead to conflicts and strange results. If this happens, clearing your browser's cache should solve those problems.


Refreshing the cache for the current page

Usually, it will be sufficient to refresh the page where you encounter problems. In most common browsers, you can do this by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard, or by clicking the circular arrow icon in or near the address bar.

Clearing the entire cache

If refreshing the page doesn't solve the problem, it may help to clear your browser's cache. The method to do this depends on which browser you use. Click here for a list of guides for the most common browsers. If your browser isn't in this list, you might find a solution by searching for the word "cache" in your browser's help files.

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