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Why upgrade to a MyRouteYou Pro?


Upgrading your account to a MyRouteYou Pro-account offers the following possibilities and advantages:

1. Your home page/landing page on RouteYou

The goal

Your own home page or "landing page" on RouteYou is THE general page you can send people to to find information about:

Check out this example!

Your design and your structure on your home page

You home page contains several parts or modules:

Get quickly to your content

From your home page, users can navigate quickly to your content via tabs:

2. Your logo and/or banner

You can add your own logo and/or banner. Here is an example of a logo:

This logo is placed on ALL your pages. This means:

3. Your URL on RouteYou

You can have your own simple RouteYou URL. The structure is [NAME_YOU_LIKE_AND_STILL_AVAILABLE]

A few examples:

4. Traffic building

Because we add a URL from your logo and banner on EACH of your pages (see above) to your website, this is a great way to create traffic to your site.

5. Your own planner

Check out this example.

Via MyRouteYou, you can also provide your customers with your own planner. You can finetune the following options:

A few examples of MyRouteYou

Check out a great set of examples of MyRouteYou-partners.

More info about MyRouteYou

Check out the MyRouteYou info website for professional organizations.

What kind of input do we need to set up your MyRouteYou-account

Take a look at the MyRouteYou Input page.

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