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How to get to the POI Create/Edit Page

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  1. Go to the Location-page (have a look at this example). Here you can read how to find a Location and the Place of Interest-info.
  2. At the location page, select the pencil to create/add Place of Interest-info. If you want to edit the existing data (if it is yours!), you can select the "Basic data" (see figure below). 

What can you do on the POI Create/Edit Page

Obviously you can create, edit and delete a POI here. But much more...

Add text info

The basics

More.. we help you translate

Delete text info

Just delete all the text and select "Confirm".

REMARK: Also the pictures attached to the text will be deleted!

Add pictures/media

The basics: Indicate the picture you want to add

Two options

  1. You can add an image using an URL (e.g. http://www.routeyou.com/documents/public/Material_for_Press/Pictures_Atmosphere/TOP_Bicycle_Shop.jpg)
  2. You can upload the picture from your PC

Reference information

The reference information of the media indicates where you get the picture from!


  1. Name of the media source (e.g. "Pascal Brackman at Wikipedia")
  2. Link to media source (e.g.http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestand:GentbruggeWatertoren.jpg)

General information (about the POI)

The "general information" will affect the "behaviour" of the POI (text + picture).

Type of text

Type op text allows to give structure to the different types of information (e.g. display might be influenced in the future by this type; if you use the RouteYou webservices, you can create your own behaviour on your website or application using the type-info).

The following text-types are possible

Who can see this? + Release date + Expiry date

This is a public/private setting

Release date / Expiry date: this indicates the time the POI info is active (very handy when you want this information only visible in a specific period of time (you can see it as a public/private-setting with a timer)

FAQ related to the POI Edit options

Q: Can I add multiple pictures to a Location? A: Yes, but every picture is attached to a (small text). So you can have multiple texts to a location. And each text can have a picture. So there is only ONE picture per POI.

Q: Can I delete a POI? A: Yes, See above "Delete text info".

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