What's MapSource

MapSource is a sofware of GARMIN to prepare tracks, routes, upload maps to your GPS,...

Check the provider of your GARMIN GPS to get MapSource (it depends on the GPS to get it for free).

Read here about MapSource on the GARMIN Site.

Uploading tracks from your GPS to MapSource

Here are the different steps to upload a track from your GPS to MapSource. This is useful if you want to use MapSource to edit your tracks (see further).

  1. Record your track with a GPS
  2. Connect your GPS with a USB cable
  3. Start MapSource and wait till the Garmin-GPS is recognised
  4. Select in MapSource "Transfer" (overdragen) in the menu
  5. Select "Receive form device" (ontvangen van apparaat)
  6. You should see your tracks in the left column
  7. You can now start editing the tracks (see below)

Editing (uploaded) tracks in MapSource

Remove multiple tracks to get one track to send to RouteYou

  1. Once you see the tracks in the left column of MapSource, you can start editing
  2. Remove/delete all the track except the main one
  3. Save this track to your PC
  4. Upload the track to RouteYou (read more about it here)

FAQs related to MapSource & RouteYou

Q: "When I create a route in MapSource and I upload it to RouteYou, I get a different length and sometimes other paths. How is that possible?

A: Yes this is possible. This is how it works: When you create and save a MapSource-Route, MapSource saves the waypoints, and not the complete track in the GPX. When you upload this to RouteYou, we recalculate the route between the waypoints based on the RouteYou network. In MapSource, the route was calculated on the map you have available in MapSource. The chance is high that there are some small differences between the MapSource map you selected and the the RouteYou network. This can lead to differences. But...

Once your route is uploaded (read here how to do this), you can edit your route (read here how to edit your route). RouteYou allows to create a route in the exact wyat that you want it. In the extreme, you can switch of the routing and go to manual drawing of the route for the parts where you don't like the RouteYou suggestion for your route (read here how to do this).

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