Edit a location

Editing a Location

IMPORTANT!: Editing a Location is ONLY possible when you are the only one who attached a POI to that Location. (Read here about the Location-model and the POI-Model). If more people attached a POI to that location, you CANNOT edit the Location.

See FAQ (below) for more information.

Moving or Repositioning a Location

There are three methods to (re)position a Location.

  1. Map-mode: Click on the map and/or drag the point to the exact position
  2. Fill in the address-info and select the button "Mark the given address on the map"
  3. Fill in the name or some parts of the address in the "Go to this place"-option

You can combine the 3 actions if you like, or just use one of them.

FAQ about editing a Location

Q: What should I do if I don't like the position or name of a location.

A: You can create an extra Location with your specific name, but our Location-Deduper might merge your location with existing Locations (read more about this)

Q: Can I change the type of a Location

No, unless you are the only one who attached a POI (text) to the Location.

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