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Map Reporter The MapReporter allows you to report a problem about the map/network (e.g.. a missing bridge, a missing path, a blocked passage...)

The MapReporter has two flavors:

The method to report a problem is identical (see below):

How to report a problem

Go to the pro planner on this link. Open the module 'more options' in the left column and click on 'report a problem'.

You don't have to log in to report a problem but you can.

  1. Zoom in on the area of interest (read here how to zoom in on an area). You can also search for a location using the Search-option in the RoutePlanner or MapReporter.
  2. Mark the spot, line or area your report refers to (as a point, a line or a surface).
  3. Select a type of remark and add a text to describe or clarify the problem
  4. Add a picture if you want
  5. You can indicate if you want to stay informed (or not) about the problem

You can repeat this process so you can post several remarks.

What do we do with your remark?

At regular intervals (minimum 4 times per year), we analyze all remarks and verify the info. We use this to imporve the RouteYou network.

Using this method, everybody from the community can benefit from your work/remark.

Get your own MapReporter

Are you an organisation that also needs a type of MapReporter (e.g. a municipality that would allow their inhabitants to report about problems in the area)?

You can have your own MapReporter in your own website by next week (or even faster).

You can tune the MapReporter in the following way

Interested? Contact sales[at-r.].

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