This plugin is deprecated. Please switch to the new MAPSEARCH 2.0 plugin.


The RouteGroupMap is a map displaying the routes that are linked to that group on a map. It consists of two parts

  1. the map
  2. the list

The map

The map displays the centroid of the routes. When you click on the route icon, the whole track will be displayed and you will get extra information in an info-balloon.

Clicking on the title of the route will get you to the route displayed in the RouteViewer

The list

The routes that are linked to that group are also displayed in a list. When you move your mouse over the list, the route icons and the route track will be displayed on the map.

GroupMap plugin or GroupMap widget

Read here about the RouteMap Widget

Questions related to the RouteGroupMap

I don't see all my routes in the list of the RouteGroupMap

Because the list is limited in length, only the first N routes are shown in the area of your map. Those with most of quality stars are listed at the top.

The moment you zoom in on the map, the list of routes will be updated.

So if you want to see more routes in a specific area, you have to zoom in.

You can also click on a cluster (=dark area where there are more routes) to zoom in.

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