This page gives you an overview and an introduction to RouteYou and the website.

Goals of the site

  1. RouteYou allows you to find and explore (check out this example) recreative routes for cyclists, hikers, motorbikers, tourists,... so you can explore/follow these routes in the real world afterwards by means of a map print or a GPS download.
  2. RouteYou provides you many options to take that digital route and get to the real world and "execute" the route, using
    • a simple print
    • a download on your gps
    • a download on your smartphone
  3. RouteYou also allows you to create your own route using our RoutePlanner, or upload a route you tracked with a gps . And enrich it with lot's of info using Points of Interest (read about the POI-PUSH )
  4. RouteYou allows you to share routes (with your club/organization/friends) and interact with users of the route, using
    • social media (simple shares on Facebook, Twitter, ...)
    • plugins on your own website
    • comments on the routes
    • emails
    • activities...

To get a step by step training, check out this link.

Goals of RouteYou

Introduction by example

  1. Explore a route with the RouteViewer: Look at this example.. Click on the POIs to see the extra inforamtion.
  2. Download the route as a print: This is an example od a detailed map print, including POIs. You can find more information here how to adapt the print.
  3. Download the route as GPS track: After selecting the download button, you get to the product page (this is an example), where you can select one of the options to download the route on the GPS
  4. Show the route on your own website or blog: Here is an example (scroll down to the middle of the page). Read here how you can do this.
  5. Plan and create your own route. Read here more about it

Check this link to get a training on how to do all this. Check also the Marketing Page

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